You are most likely a foreigner in China. You are probably staying in Shenzhen and have decided to learn some Mandarin because you think your life in China will be easier and more enjoyable when you have gained some knowledge of the language. Yes, you are right!


There are several ways you could learn the language, depending on the effort you want to make, and also depending on the time you have available. You could, for example, attend day courses at a university, but you might not have the time to do this because of your work commitments and busy schedule.


My name is Irene and I can provide you with a better alternative. I am able to arrange a schedule that is tailor made to your wishes, with either group, or individual, classes, each day of the week, or on certain days. The classes can take place in my studio, or at your home, or somewhere else if this is more convenient.


There are several language courses available ranging from a very basic course for the short term visitor, to a more advanced business course. You can learn Pinyin (that is how to pronounce the language), or how to read and write Chinese characters; whatever you prefer. Also I can adjust the level and speed of the lessons to fit in with progress and wishes.


Basically my intention is to provide you with a good quality, friendly and professional service, but with lessons that take place in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable environment.


On my website you can find more information about other services I offer which extend beyond Mandarin classes, for example discovery tours of beautiful Shenzhen and introductions to the Chinese way of life and culture.


I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Yours sincerely,